HardPlus Reinforcement Mesh

Fiberglass reinforcing mesh, which is analogous to steel reinforcing mesh.

Fiberglass is up to 9 times lighter than steel, so it is much easier to install and transport both to the site and within the site. As a result, the installer can save a lot on installation and transport. Estimated savings of 3-6 €/m².

GFRP hard mesh is distinguished by a stronger connection due to the use of special mesh technology.

  • stronger and more reliable
  • is not brittle or break
  • does not damage the integrity of the connection during transport
  • increased impact resistance

Product package volumes

DiameterReplaces metal with diameterPackageHardPlus Reinforcement Mesh
3 mm 150×1504 mmRoll57,5 m²
4 mm 150×1506 mmRoll57,5 m²
6 mm 150×1508 mmSheet2,3 m²
3,6 m²
7 mm 150×15010 mmSheet3,45 m²
8 mm 150×15012 mmSheet3,45 m²
Reinforcement mesh rolls with 3 & 4 mm dimensions measure 1.15 x 50 m.
Reinforcement mesh sheets with 6, 7 & 8 mm dimensions measure 1.2 x 3 m.

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