HardPlus Reinforcement

Fiberglass reinforcement is analogous to steel reinforcement.

Fiberglass is up to 9 times lighter than steel, so it is much easier to install and transport both to the site and within the site. As a result, the installer can save a lot on installation and transport.

Fiberglass rod differs from steel rod in terms of higher tensile strength. A smaller-diameter fiberglass rebar can easily replace a steel bar. Fiberglass rebar is widely used in construction, structural and agricultural fields.
The HardPlus glass fiber reinforcement is surrounded by a quartz-sand profile that ensures the product’s bond with concrete. HardPlus is available in 4mm-22mm diameter and lengths 4mm-8mm100m roll, 10mm-12mm is available in 50m roll, 14mm-22mm is available as a 6m rod.

Product package volumes

DiameterReplaces metal with diameterPackageQuantity per package
4 mm6 mmRoll100 m
6 mm8 mmRoll100 m
7 mm10 mmRoll100 m
8 mm12 mmRoll100 m
10 mm14 mmRoll50 m
12 mm16 mmRoll50 m
14 mm18 mm6m rebar6 m
16 mm20 mm6m rebar6 m
18 mm22 mm6m rebar6 m
22 mm25 mm6m rebar6 m

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